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Water Treatment

We undertake, upon relevant offer, the study and installation of new water and wastewater treatment systems. Furthermore, we offer maintenance services for the treatment systems we have installed and in some cases, following a relevant control, we undertake the maintenance of water treatment systems that have not been installed by us.

We ensure collaboration with companies that have a long experience and are specialized in water treatment systems.

The forementioned systems are specially designed for the treatment of drinking water. The reverse osmosis systems (RO) withhold all organic compounds, salts, microparticles and microorganisms.

The procedure of wastewater treatment is a procedure that separates the dangerous and harmful substances from the water in the wastewater. So, in this way the water can be used in the environment.

The systematic maintenance of the water and wastewater systems is necessary in order to ensure maximum operating performance.

We procure, install and maintain the following:

  • Carbon activated filters withholding microparticles
  • Water softening systems
  • Deionization systems
  • Sterilization and reverse osmosis systems for the production of drinking water
  • Biological treatments
  • Water chlorination