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Under Floor Heating

The under floor heating system offers ideal well-being conditions. The temperature of the room is ideal and ensures hygiene conditions to its users due to the absence of air or dust movement, whereas total freedom in terms of interior room layout and decoration is allowed. The under floor heating system charged by any kind of energy source, offers comfort and well-being by saving a significant quantity of energy in comparison to the traditional heating systems. It can be installed in houses, offices, shops, churches, sport or education centers under any floor of your choice.
The under floor heating systems are come along with a long lasting guarantee.

The advantages of the under floor heating system are the following:

  • Offers the possibility of under floor cooling if charged by cold water.
  • Saves space in the apartment.
  • Offers the possibility of room restoration.
  • Can be operated with renewable energy sources.
  • Uniformly distributes heat everywhere.
  • Heats in a pleasant and appropriate way hands and feet by leaving the head cooler.
  • Prevents unpleasant odors.
  • Absence of injuries, as there are no heating radiators standing out.
  • Possibility of autonomy even in every room.
  • Easy regulation and operation.
  • Easy regulation and operation.